Here’s some advice: how about you don’t?

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I think we need more honest blogging advice. It’s good and fine for there to be a meta-industry in blogging, with people offering all kinds of ways to spice up, fine-tune, and supercharge your writing.

Get weird, be specific, think of your audience, show don’t tell, take breaks, avoid stepping in poop, etc. We all could use some good advice sometimes, and writing is no exception to that, especially in the space formerly known as the “blogosphere,” with it’s particular accessibility to newbies, amateurs, and passionate non-experts.

As a French burger lover, I ought to know

Looks good, but it’s actually a chicken. Photo by sk on Unsplash

If you’re an American visiting France this summer (and will a full vaccine regime, that should be possible!), don’t order a burger.

You’ll be tempted. You’ll say to yourself, “ouh là là, un burger à la française” and think, in such a culture of fine cuisine and ridiculous hairstyles, even the ol’ American standard must be excellent, better than usual, even. You’ll assume that the astronomical price is tied to quality, taste, and French flair! You’ll think bistro burgers are so very very chic!

Oh but you’d be wrong, so very very wrong.

Trying to leech readers off Medium’s big fish is a waste of your talent and no way to change the pond

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I am in no way a supporter of trolling, trolls, or anyone who would engage in abusive online behavior, whether or not against Billy Goats or anyone else. At the same time, I can’t fully control the intensity of my eyeroll when I read a thirsty Medium writer try to leach some readers from the algorithmic ubiquity of T1m D3nn1ng. When I see a so-called article telling me “I discovered the secret to how T1m D3nn1ng delivers knockout content,” my eyes roll so hard I experience elevated g-forces.

And no, I won’t name him, the Aussie demigod of Medium claps…

There’ll be no progress against racism without truth and reconciliation

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Recently, I deeply offended a member of the Medium community in an exchange of comments on an article about race and the Bridgerton Netflix series. I have written about this before, but to start, I’d like to highly suggest Nikki Brueggeman’s excellent piece, “Bridgerton Was Made To Empower White Women”, particularly for the clear and direct way in which it shows how this particular television fantasy serves white women’s agency at the expense of black bodies.

I want to stress that I bear no ill will toward the person with whom I interacted, but I was frustrated to read what…

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They’re some of the smartest, most interesting people…

Setting the record straight on this French interjection

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At the very top of the priority list for things everyone needs to think about this year is about the proper use of the French interjection Ouh là là !

Forget insurrection in the United States, forget nuclear threats in the Korean Peninsula, forget your resolution to lose 1KG by February 1st. COVID19 Pandemic? What’s that? Set aside your writing tips, your self improvement coaches, and that article you’ve been meaning to read on next-gen UX design.

Right now, you need to stop resting on the laurels of your college French minor, and deal with my pet peeve.

The issue…

Expect the long tail of disorder to start the New Year

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I don’t want to tarnish the faint glow of your hungover fuzz, but it’s important to be honest with ourselves about the year to come. We nearly all agree that 2020 was full of challenge and that we need a change, but we can’t expect a panacea to sync with our calendars.

In fact, for many people in Europe and the United States, it has been a series of New Year’s celebrations in which people thought it couldn’t possibly get worse: a year ago we cursed 2019 into memory…

The new Netflix series reveals our shallowest fantasies

Oh the high romance! Bridgerton is out now on Netflix.

Now normally I focus on writing about fantasy ideas of France, but why not take a brief detour to Fantasy England with the latest buzz series on Netflix?

Spoiler alert! Spoiler ALERT! Bridgerton is a steamy pile of poop.

The official series Twitter account calls it like it is: a market.

Taking place in a nominally Georgian London, this new and exceedingly light drama purports to take us to the world of so-called high society through a narrative that revolves around girls coming of age and debuting as eligible brides. Thus, the…

Low quantity and high quality in my early days on Medium

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I’m still pretty new here on Medium, and so far I’m enjoying my time. I do not have unlimited free time to spend on the platform, but writing, reading, and interacting with the community has been rewarding.

In terms of readership, my growth here has been modest — no crazy stories of gaining ten thousand followers and 2 million reads in the first month on Medium. I won’t throw around numbers, because it’s really silly, and I don’t actually want to quantify things.

I mean, let’s be serious: I…

Both French and American, I prefer my European half, even if I criticize France.

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I give France a hard time, and I plan to keep giving it hard time. It’s a deeply flawed country, with an aging culture, where idealism and absurd logic breeds ignorance.

I believe it is something of a duty for me to criticize my country, to help fend off the rot that would make it worthless.

“But the bread! But the cheese! But the wine!”

I know, France has so much to offer, and I am not going to go on record denying all the wonderful things my compatriot have given us.

But there are plenty of glowing travelogues to…

Frankie Faunet

I’m French, I’m American, I’m here to talk about culture and without wringing my hands.

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